Here are 9 Ways to Connect with IECA Member Educational Consultants

1. Invite IECA members to participate in announced campus tours and take part in consortia multi-day, multi-campus events. [contact:]

2. Include a visit with individual IECA members or IECA regional groups when someone from admissions is in town visiting schools. If you would like to connect directly with our members in a city/region when you’re on the road, fill out our contact list request. You can also connect with our regional groups.

3. Attend an IECA conference and participate in the School and College Fair or Information Swap for special programs. [contact:]

4. Submit a “Call for Proposal” to present at an upcoming IECA conference or training workshop on a topic related to admissions or student success. [contact:]

5. Engage with IECA members on social media: follow and post on IECA’s Facebook page and Twitter account(@IECA) about upcoming events at your school.

6. Provide IECA with your school’s primary contact information as a consultant/IECA liaison (name, title, address, e-mail). [contact:]

7. Contribute an article to the IECA newsletter, Insights, or to our blog; follow and post on IECA’s Facebook page and Twitter account (@IECA) about upcoming events at your school. [contact:]

8. Order sets of mailing lists for IECA members (we can select by region, states, specialty, etc); fill out the mailing list order form. [contact:]

9. Advertise your school in IECA’s bi-monthly newsletter (mailed to 5,000+ IECs and prep schools) or in a conference guide; become a sponsor of a conference or our webinars. [contact:]

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