IECA members are regularly contacted by the media for their contributions to articles on many educational issues, including college admissions, school advising, LD issues, international students, and therapeutic advice.

Bruce Vinik (MD) was quoted in the Washington Post article “Surge in foreign students may be crowding Americans out of elite colleges” on December 21.

Jodi Rosenshein Atkin, Associate member (NY), was quoted in “6 Tips to Finish College Applications on New Year’s Eve” in U.S. News and World Report Higher Education on December 19.

Doretta Massardo McGinnis, Associate member (PA), was featured in “Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Try Helping Students With College Admissions” at on November 26.

Katherine Cohen (NY) was quoted in “How to Craft the Perfect College Application Essay” in Teen Vogue on October 13, and in “Today’s kids are getting ahead by learning how to code apps” in the New York Post on October 23.

“Here’s Your Mantra to Tackle the College Admissions Process” by Victoria Tillson Evans, Associate member (DC), was published by the Huffington Post on September 18.

Jennifer Aquino’s (Singapore) was  cited in the October 25 US News & World Report article “3 Ways to Evaluate a Global University Without Visiting.”

The K&W Guide to Colleges for Students With Learning Differences by Imy Wax (IL) and Marybeth Kravets (IL) was referenced in “The Road to Higher Education With an ‘Invisible Disability” in The Atlantic on September 22. The 13th edition of that guide was recently released by Random House/Princeton Review.

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