International advising independent educational consultants (IECs) have specifically gained the knowledge and experience to work with students and parents of international families.

IECs are uniquely qualified to provide students and their families with the guidance needed when choosing between different educational systems both in the United States and around the world. They have frequently lived outside of the US and have spent years visiting and familiarizing themselves with educational systems around the world, and learning about the special challenges facing students during the admissions process and transition to a foreign education. Their expertise can include:
• College and university bachelor, graduate, and gap year programs
• Day school/boarding school placements
• Therapeutic placements and programs with support for students with learning differences
• Summer enrichment and internships.

The independent educational consultant’s top priority is helping identify a good fit for the student, given the student’s academic, social, and financial needs and desires. They work with the family to thoroughly assess the student’s educational and experiential background, capabilities and interests to determine the right match.

To find an IECA member educational consultant who specializes in international studies, search our online database.

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